Top 10 Fanciest Supercar Interiors

Sure, your supercar is great for making an entrance. It might even come in handy if you need to outrun the “authorities” (not that we recommend this). But is it a nice place to be when you’re stuck in traffic? Many high-end sports cars forego amenities like leather and noise-dampening insulation in the name of […]

Top 10 Most Stupidly Expensive Food Items in the World

People with more money than they know what to do with often spend it frivolously. These wealthy people frequently splurge on expensive homes, exotic cars and luxury vacations, but it doesn’t end there. The richest of the rich also indulge in the most expensive foods the world has to offer— just because they can. Whether […]

11 Celebrity Gold Diggers That Struck It Rich

11 – Oksana Grigorieva (Mel Gibson) Oksana Grigorieva is a singer, songwriter, and musician that hails from Russia, but if you recognize her name it won’t be because of her career: it’ll be because she was dating Mel Gibson. Gibson wasn’t the first star that Ms. Oksana tried to wrangle: her first target was Timothy Dalton, […]

10 Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

10 – Raven Symone That’s so Raven! Launching her acting career at only four years old on The Cosby Show, Raven Symone appeared in several television series throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s before taking her talents to the stage as a singer. Catching the eye of the Disney Channel in 2003, Symone was given […]

10 Of the Most Unique and Amazing Swimming Pools

Mankind has managed to achieve some amazing architectural and engineering feats. From man-made islands to enormous buildings, we’ve found a way to re-imagine the world around us and transform it into something extremely beautiful. And after all this work, we sometimes need to simply relax and enjoy a few moments of serenity. It’s not surprising […]

10 Incredible Discoveries that Suggest Giants Existed Once

There are various stories of giants existing throughout mythology and folklore – both modern and ancient. Just about every single culture and society across the world has a story or two of a race of giant people roaming the planet. Over the past 200 years, give or take, especially since the beginning of the 20th […]

10 Stunning Pictures of Death Defying Behavior

Why do we scale a mountain or try to reach for the cosmos? Why do we ski down a icy slope or jump off a plane? What is it within us human beings that allows us to willing risk our lives and try and attain the seemingly impossible? We seem to be the only sentient […]

1930’s Safe with Treasure Inside!!!

Who hasn’t wanted to have a chance to open an old safe and see what glories rest inside.  Well these gentlemen had that opportunity when their grandmothers friend passed away and left a safe with treasure from the 1930’s in the garage locked away with all kinds of unique goodies.  Here is the story as […]

10 Facts you Never Knew About Reality TV

Ever since Survivor premiered in 2000, reality TV has taken over our televisions in a way no one expected. There are reality shows about finding love, putting strangers in a home together and seeing what happens, surviving the elements, trivia, offices, pets, building homes, and just about anything else you can think of. People who […]

Funniest Picture Taken at the Right Time

1. What are you trying to do bro? We have all looked at this picture for hours without coming up with a conclusion as to what was really going on here. Please note that he wasn’t doing what you think he is doing? BUT the expression on Ferdinand’s face (guy with the red and black jersey) looks […]

14 Scary Face Ideas For Halloween

Halloween make-up has changed since we were kids. What were plastic masks and basic crayons is in the yesteryears. Today, the question is how imaginative can you be? The possibilities are endless. Here are some photos to inspire you to be spooky for Halloween. 15. Sewn lips 14. Rockabilly zombie

Child Stars: Where Are They Now?

  We’ve all wondered about our favorite child stars, where they are now, and what they look like as grown-ups. We rounded up some of our favorite child stars and the response was overwhelming.  So we decided to take another stroll down memory lane and look into where some of the most unforgettable kids from […]

10 Situations That Definitely Ended Badly

  The illusion of control is what has kept our society going for quite some time now. Unfortunately, very few things are actually in our own hands. This becomes doubly true when there are other people involved in our lives who might not necessarily be the best decision makers in the world. Getting into trouble […]

No Way! These 17 Babies Look Exactly Like Celebrities

If you happen to look like a celebrity, you can fashion a pretty lucrative career for yourself as an impersonator. Sure, you’ve got to deal with the hordes that actually think you are that person, and deal with the fact that every time you’re out, someone wants to take a picture with you. But parlay […]

8 Gorgeous Plus Size Models

  Out of all the newish fashion trends the ‘plus-size’ is the most sensational one. The first-rated fashion houses all over the world refill their modeling families with gorgeous plus-size girls. More and more fashion editorials and brands expand to include larger sizes. The high-profile ad campaigns can’t stop to highlight the exquisite beauty of […]

15 of the most Beautiful Abandoned Places around the world


Ultimate Cringe: Checkout the 15 Worst Facial Tattoos Ever!

Facial tattoos are the riskiest tattoos. They can’t be covered up by clothing, and they will likely close many job opportunities in the future. Some people opt for smaller and more meaningful tattoos, while others dive head-first into the world of non-conformity and facial disfiguration. This is a list of some of the worst facial […]

Top 10 Cities For The Most Gorgeous-Looking Men In The World

Are you a woman searching for Prince Charming? Do you work in some travel and tourism board and are looking for a fine-looking dude to fill the cover of your travel magazine? If yes, then you might want to check out the following list of cities with the best-looking men in the world. 1. Tel […]

Secret Members of the British Royal Family

12. Oscar Pistorius Pistorius, famous for being the first disabled person to compete in the Olympics and for murdering his girlfriend, is a 4th cousin of Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth’s husband). While he is very far into the line of succession, he can never be King of Britain. A little known law that was enacted […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Many Victims

This might come as a shock to you, but Lindsay Lohan has hooked up with a lot of guys.  One drunken night while out with her girlfriends, she left behind a list of celebrities she’s slept with. “They were giggling and talking s— about people in the industry,” a source, who watched as Lindsay jotted down […]

How to Get the Perfect Yoga Butt

Yoga is kickass exercise for the mind, body and spirit. You can learn it in a gym, community center or many other different places and then practice at home. Check out these moves, able to set your buttocks exactly where they belong. 1. Horse stance This stance has different names according to each culture, it’s […]

10 Co-Stars Who Actually Hated Each Other

Everyone loves watching movies, from fun buddy comedies to epic love stories. It’s easy to forget, though, that the actors and actresses onscreen are doing just that—acting. And while a pair of actors might make you believe in a thrilling romance, a lasting friendship, or a valiant team effort, the behavior of these actors off […]

These Surprising Celebrity Phobias Will Shock You

While money can certainly buy you happiness, it can’t prevent you from having strange and sometimes hilarious fears, otherwise known as phobias. The following list of celebrity phobias illustrates this beautifully, while also serving as comfort to ordinary folks beset by irrational fears of everyday items. Howie Mandel Famed goofball comedian and game show host […]

The 10 Elements Of Attractiveness Men Look For In Women

There is an awful lot of things that makes men get attracted to women. But I am telling you, nothing of which is as complicated as you think. I may not be speaking for all men, but I think most of them will agree when I say men’s perspective are pretty straighforward. They either like […]

Why Eastern European Babes

1. Introduction There are hot girls all over the world but there is something special about Eastern European girls that sets them apart from everyone else. Some men who have dated all around the world say that their favorite of all are Eastern Europe Women! There are many reasons that make women from Eastern Europe […]