11 Celebrity Gold Diggers That Struck It Rich

10 – Shawn Southwick (Larry King)



The biggest guy to ever step onto the television set is probably Larry King: almost every major T.V.

personality thanks him endlessly for the inspirations he provided them while they were still honing their craft. King has become quite wealthy over the years, and it didn’t take long for some doe eyed vixen to start planting the seed of love in Larry’s mind; a beautiful blonde named Shawn soon roped him into marriage, and it certainly turned heads when it was revealed that she was 26 years younger than he was.

Shawn eventually filed for a divorce from Larry, but after discovering how little she’d be receiving she miraculously discovered the error in her ways. King was happy to take her back because (let’s be honest here) it isn’t easy to get involved in the dating scene when you’re as old as he is. The Kings are still married after eighteen years and it doesn’t look like that status will be changing any time soon, but one can’t help but wonder with her husband being 81 years old and all that Shawn might be crossing her fingers for a “till death do us part” moment to give her a nice retirement.