No Way! These 17 Babies Look Exactly Like Celebrities

If you happen to look like a celebrity, you can fashion a pretty lucrative career for yourself as an impersonator. Sure, you’ve got to deal with the hordes that actually think you are that person, and deal with the fact that every time you’re out, someone wants to take a picture with you. But parlay that truth into a job? Well, you might be looking at making some of those sweet, sweet impersonator dollars.

That being said, these babies don’t realize that they have a future of job security ahead of them, because they look exactly like celebrities.

Sure, they’re babies: They might grow out of their celebrity resemblances. But something tells us that some of these babies will always look like their celebrity counterparts — after all, the baby that looks like John Legend might as well be a clone. Only time will tell if they’ve got impersonations in the cards, but for now, we can just laugh about how cute they are next to their accidental celebrity twins.

1. This baby looks like he could save the hobbits from the fires of Mordor.

Well, maybe he’s slightly too young for that still — but he definitely bears a striking resemblance to Gandalf, don’t you think?