The 10 Elements Of Attractiveness Men Look For In Women

There is an awful lot of things that makes men get attracted to women. But I am telling you, nothing of which is as complicated as you think. I may not be speaking for all men, but I think most of them will agree when I say men’s perspective are pretty straighforward. They either like you or they don’t. Do not sweat too much for things you cannot change, instead put an effort to improve personal elements that you can improve.

So here’s the basic 10 of men’s Point of view

1. Face

Ok, let’s not be hypocrites, everybody likes a pretty face. The pretty face, ofcourse, is all up to the guy’s preference. Some guys like the beautiful, Ms. Universe-type of face. Some may like the really simple, the little to no make-up look. Hey, its the first thing we notice in a woman, so i think this is on top of my list.