Top 10 Fanciest Supercar Interiors

Sure, your supercar is great for making an entrance. It might even come in handy if you need to outrun the “authorities” (not that we recommend this). But is it a nice place to be when you’re stuck in traffic?

Many high-end sports cars forego amenities like leather and noise-dampening insulation in the name of lightness, or to deliver a more authentic experience. The most hard-core track specials out there even sacrifice their sound systems and air conditioning. The result can make even a grocery run feel like a chore. Road trip? Don’t try it.

There are, however, alternatives to this approach. For one, you could put in a new custom dashboard to spice things up. Anybody can do this on any car for a great look. These next cars though, come with some serious good looks that are standard. Each of these outrageous rides features a bespoke interior that makes a long journey something you’d look forward to. If you can afford to spend sums on your mode of personal transport that would also purchase a house, it makes sense to own a car with features on par with the villa or chateau where you park it.

10 – Porsche 911 Turbo S


The 911 Turbo is the automotive embodiment of Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. Since its introduction in 1975, the Turbo has evolved from hairy-chested widow-maker into practical GT car with an options list that’s become the stuff of legend.

Sure, you could order a (ahem) “stripper” with no options, but you’d have to suffer through life without such amenities as natural leather, 18-way power adjustable sport seats with memory or the absolute must-have painted air vent slats (the slats, not the vents themselves — they’re $1720). Check all the boxes and you’ll have added a cool 50 grand to the bottom line, but your vents will look fabulous. This car has the speed to back up the looks too. It gets a blistering 580 horsepower. If you have a good $188k to spend even before the add-ons, this car is for you. Just make sure you have somebody to ride along with you so they can appreciate the interior.