Top 10 Fanciest Supercar Interiors

9 – Jaguar C-X75


As the spiritual successor to Jaguar’s 90’s hypercar, the XJ220, the C-X75 sadly never saw full production. It’s a shame, because it was going to be a pretty epic car. However, Jaguar did complete a small number of running examples that were cool enough to earn a spot as the bad-guy car in a James Bond film. Not too shabby.

A stunning sculpted interior features scissor doors, Alcantara trim and leather sport seats that are molded into the car’s carbon fiber bulkhead. A driver-first design locates the fully digital gauge cluster, which displays everything from speed and engine RPMs to fluid levels and temperatures, front-and-center. Topping it off is a sound system from Bowers & Wilkins comprised of 120 miniature speakers. That’s not a typo, and that’s not an extra zero. One hundred and twenty. Beat that, Best Buy. However, you could probably have several go out without even noticing.