Top 10 Most Stupidly Expensive Food Items in the World

9 – Wagyu Ribeye Steak ($2,800)


It’s hard to find Wagyu (or Kobe) beef in North America, mainly because it comes from Japan. The cows that produce this kind of beef are fed only beer and massaged every day by a team of professionals to ensure that they are tender enough to marble up a good steak.

One of these steaks actually cost around $200, so they aren’t cheap by any means. The one served at Craftsteak is the most expensive that you can find at $2,800. It’s not certain what makes this steak better than all of the other Wagyu steaks, but some people say it is the tenderest beef they have ever eaten. We think we’ll opt for the $200 if, and only if, we’re feeling fancy.